80% of American adults have periodontal disease. 

Yet, most practices report periodontal treatment rates of 15% – 30%.

Closing this gap is crucial to building a productive practice.

We now have irrefutable evidence that periodontal disease can have devastating effects on systemic health. Comprehensive periodontal care results in improved systemic health and creates loyal patients who accept treatment and refer family and friends. This practice builder is a win-win for patients and care providers.

Kathryn Gilliam, BA, RDH, FAAOSH, is passionate about empowering clinicians to incorporate science-based principles and a philosophy of treatment from the heart. Audiences applaud her readily implemented protocols and appreciate her ability to make complex information easy to understand.

Elevate your identity as a healthcare provider, gain a renewed enthusiasm for your career, and develop the confidence to design your own wellness practice.


Hot Stuff: The Fire Within

Explore the science behind the oral-systemic connection. Integrate salivary diagnostic testing, implement the latest adjunctive therapies, and master effective communication skills to educate patients for improved case acceptance. Understand nutritional needs of periodontal patients, review the anti-inflammatory diet, and identify targeted nutritional supplements.

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Three Minutes to Save a Life

In this interactive workshop, distinguish the risks of oral cancer and recognize those people at highest risk. Master a spa-like, comprehensive examination to set your practice apart. Review protocols for the management of cancer treatment side effects. Acquire verbal skills to enhance patient education, increase acceptance, ease patient concerns, and maximize patient follow up.

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The Celiac Surge: Oral Signs of a New Epidemic

In this course you will become familiar with the various signs and symptoms that may be pointing to this serious systemic illness. Helping patients understand that they may have gluten-related disorders could be the key to a lifetime of improved health.

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