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Discover the Oral-Systemic Connection
  • Explore the science behind the oral-systemic connection
  • Survey systemic diseases associated with periodontal disease
  • Integrate diagnostic testing into practice
  • Implement adjunctive therapies
  • Compare home hygiene care options
Incorporate Nutrition in Periodontal Disease
  • Understand gut health
  • Realize effects of deficiencies
Conquer Early Detection of Oral Cancer
  • Investigate risk factors
  • Learn extra-oral and intra-oral examination techniques
  • Study fluorescence devices
  • Determine cytology, biopsy, referral protocols
Research Medical Considerations
  • Examine medical conditions that affect dental treatment
  • Review current premedication guidelines
  • Manage medically compromised patients


“I have owned a very successful dental consulting business in the Houston area for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Gilliam for most of those 20 years as both a member of two dental teams for which I was the dental practice management consultant and as part of my team when she was a hygiene mastery coach to many of my clients.

“Throughout our long relationship, Kathryn has consistently demonstrated outstanding clinical performance, being the lead dental hygienist and top producer in her offices, as well as superior in-office training, coaching skills and presentation ability.

“Her areas of clinical expertise are advanced periodontal protocols, with a focus on the oral – systemic connection, the early detection of oral cancer and care for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

“I highly recommend Kathryn Gilliam as your hygiene coach, trainer and speaker for motivating your hygiene team to clinical and financial excellence. She is passionate about creating positive results for the doctor/owner and the entire team.”

- S. Simpson, Susan Simpson, Inc