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 Coming October 20-22, 2016

Meet Kathryn in Cancun!

2016 BlueSky | Cancun: Connecting The Health Dots

The Power Of The Oral Systemic Connection:

Transform Your Dental Practice Into a Wellness Practice

The Academy’s 11th Annual BlueSky Event: Connecting The Health Dots, takes you on a step by step how-to guide in implementing oral systemic connection opportunities within your practice:

  • Create new patient generation
  • Care for your patients like never before
  • Strengthen lifelong patient value
  • Build a communication bridge between your practice and the medical community
  • Experience in-person teaching from world renown leaders in medical, dental, and hygiene

Join your PDA Tribe at the inclusive Secrets Capri Riviera Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for two fully immersive days of ground-breaking education October 20-22. Register Here


Meet Your BlueSky Leadership Team

Our program is designed as the ultimate dental success retreat, so you walk away with the tools at each intersection — no stone will be left unturned. You’ll return ready to implement new methods to help your patients starting Monday morning, and will fire up your team with fresh enthusiasm and proactive mentalities in 2017.

Dr. Bradley Bale

bradley-baleOne of the nation’s leading specialists in preventing heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes, Dr. Bale has given over 600 presentations to medical groups as well as interviewed on The Huckabee Show, FOX and ABC television, The Wall Street Journal and ESPN since 2002.

Millions of families are hit with the pain and loss that comes from arterial disease. Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one to a heart attack, stroke, or dementia. The passion for halting this devastating disease has led Dr. Bale to co-found the BaleDoneen Method and the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center, and is the author of “Beat The Heart Attack Gene”. His dedication and commitment has taken him around the US and abroad, instructing the medical community in the BaleDoneen Method. We are honored to have him with us over these two days to teach us the vital role dentistry plays in evaluating arterial health.

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Dr. Kim Kutsch

kutch1Dentistry has improved tremendously in the last thirty years, thanks to Dr. Kim Kutsch, a leader in the dental industry. Dr. Kutsch has dedicated his career to proactively seeking out and developing new ideas, technologies, and treatment methods that focus on providing exceptional patient care.

An internationally recognized experts in many topics including minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Kutsch provides mentorship at the prestigious Kois Center for Dentists in Seattle, WA. As a currently practicing dentist with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Kutsch offers a bird’s eye view into how dentists are successfully implementing the oral systemic connection into every day care. His paradigm shifting perspectives on how we can be proactive in the dental industry will transform the way you think of long-term patient care.

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Kathryn Gilliam, BA, RDH, MAAOSH, HIAOMT

Kathryn-Gilliam18-002-240x300A celebrated AAOSH member, Kathryn Gilliam presents “Hot Stuff: The Fire Within – The Oral Systemic Link In The Clinical Practice”. A practicing hygienist, Kathryn will show you how to transform your practice into a wellness practice. By shifting perspectives from traditional dental care to a wellness model, dental teams are energized and your patients become more engaged. The result equals massively improved case acceptance, elevated team enthusiasm and increased patient revenues. You are provided practical protocols to implement as soon as you return home. Kathryn will also be presenting a hygiene breakout session during BlueSky as an open “how to” discussion and practicum to enable you to start your transformation first thing Monday morning.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the pathways through which the mouth can be a source of pathology affecting other systems and organs
  2. Recognize the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic diseases
  3. Connect your patient’s systemic conditions with their oral health, and customize treatment recommendations based on this information
  4. Discover the new model of periodontal disease and how it affects periodontal treatment protocols
  5. Utilize saliva testing to guide treatment recommendations
  6. Explore specific nutritional supplements and diet recommendations to support periodontal and systemic health
  7. Differentiate adjunctive home care products useful in supporting periodontal health
  8. Review head and neck examination techniques and early detection devices for oral cancer
  9. Develop systems for follow up of suspicious lesions
  10. Implement care protocols for cancer patients before, during and following cancer treatment

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Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Vicki McManus Peterson

vicki-bruceThe dynamite co-founders of Productive Dentist Academy, Dr. Bruce and Vicki have massively transformed the lives of thousands of dentists since 2004. Together they present the Nation’s #1 business development course in dentistry, and are keen at spotting future trends to ensure the PDA Tribe is always ahead of the curve.

As we look to 2017, PDA recognizes that 2016 is a pivotal year in dentistry. Dr. Bruce and Vicki predict more change in the next 12 months than you’ve seen in the previous 3 years. The Acadmey’s team of forecasters are eager to share how these changes will impact your practice in the coming decade, covering these mission critical topics:

  • Corporate expansion
  • New exit strategies for mid to late-career dentists
  • Financial trends that boost wealth
  • Clinical trends that will streamline patient care and payer reimbursements

In addition, Dr. Bruce will present new methods not currently shared during our Productivity Workshops, such as:

  • How to increase productivity by scheduling a specific room for CAD/CAM restorations with a smile designer
  • Putting patients behind the wheel to increase case acceptance
  • Ways to increase your productivity $1,000 per hour with no risk

Dr. Bruce B. Baird  & Vicki McManus Peterson Quick Links:

Dr. Bruce on LinkedIn
Vicki McManus Peterson

The value of seeing just one of these speakers more than pays for the cost of tuition. We hope to see you in Mexico this October.

Tuition: Doctors $1,295 | Team Members $995

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